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Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 2nd Ed

AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE AND LIGHT REPAIR (AM&LR) was written to meet the needs of programs covering the automotive competencies outlined in NATEF’s Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) program standard. Designed for entry-level students, the primary features of AM&LR are the focus on the foundational principles and knowledge for the MLR tasks, and the activities to supplement student learning. Both the textbook and accompanying lab manual provide activities covering the entire MLR task list, as well as many supplemental tasks often expected of entry-level technicians. In addition, Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair is written to engage students not just in automotive competencies, but also in applied academic skills and lifelong learning skills, including math, science, and communication.

MLR Lab Worksheets

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Instructor Supplements - All supplements have been updated in coordination with the main title.

The Instructor Resources include chapter presentations in PowerPoint, an Image Library, chapter test banks in ExamView, Instructor’s Guide and correlations to applicable NATEF standards.

The Workbook is designed to help students both retain and apply chapter content. Now over 750 pages, each Workbook chapter includes Review Questions, Activities and Lab Worksheets that will add breadth to the students’ learning experience. View a sample Workbook chapter here.

The 2nd edition Workbook has lab worksheets for every NATEF MLR task and most required supplemental tasks.

Automotive Textbook Author and Auto Tech Instructor

Newly updated for 2017.

AM&LR 2 has been completely revised to the current NATEF standards. Every topic has been updated as well as most images have been updated or replaced. 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Automotive Industry.
2. Safety.
3. Shop Orientation.
4. Basic Technician Skills.
5. Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Bearings.
6. Suspension System Principles.
7. Suspension System Service.
8. Steering System Principles.
9. Steering Service.
10. Brake System Principles.
11. Brake System Service.
12. Drum Brake System Principles.
13. Drum Brake System Inspection and Service.
14. Disc Brake System Principles.
15. Disc Brake System Inspection and Service.
16. Antilock Brakes, Vehicle Stability Control, and Power Assist.
17. Electrical/Electronic System Principles.
18. Basic Electrical/Electronic System Service.
19. Battery, Starting and Charging System Principles.
20. Starting and Charging System Service.
21. Lighting and Electrical Accessories.
22. Engine Performance Principles.
23. Engine Mechanical Testing and Service.
24. Engine Performance Service.
25. Drivetrains and Transmissions.
26. Heating and Air Conditioning.
27. Vehicle Maintenance.